Don't waste your time wondering WHY you haven't succeeded…

Just LEARN HOW TO SUCCEED from someone who’s helped thousands to GET motivated and KEEP motivated!

It’s COACHING Like You’ve Never


Did you know that upwards of 92% of ALL people who attend motivational or educational conferences or who purchase self-improvement DVDs, books and classes FAIL to practice what they learn?

I’m Dr. Michael Abruzzese, (but most folks call me Dr. Mike or Dr. A). I’m a clinical psychologist, educator, international trainer and author with almost 40 years experience in understanding and treating behavior and I’ve helped train THOUSANDS of people in motivational and psychological techniques over the past 40 years.

And I’ve been a part of teams who have trained even thousands more. Do you know what I and my colleagues have found? Most people, even highly skilled professionals, do NOT use what they learned in seminars and trainings! Our internal follow up and research revealed that only about 60% of participants went home and started to implement what they had learned, even after having spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a training seminar!

Even worse, there was a sharp drop of from even those participants over the next few months to an even lower level of performance. After 6 months, only about 8% were actually using what they had spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to learn.


#2 Reason? Self-Sabotage. Most people work against their own interests…and they don’t even realize it!

#1 Reason? They don’t know how to become successful! Nobody ever taught them how to overcome personal obstacles exceed their expectations.

As a psychologist, I’ve spent decades working with schools, colleges and businesses that were upset about students and employees WHO WERE EXTREMELY SMART, but who still weren’t working up to their expected level of success! In schools, the students weren’t getting good grades they were expecting, no matter how hard they tried to study their subjects. And they tried hard!

 And as an executive coach, I’ve worked with corporations, small business owners and organizations who all had similar complaints about employees and newly promoted EXECUTIVES who were and EXTREMELY TALENTED, but who still were NOT achieving the success that was expected no matter how hard they worked! And they worked HARD!

Hard work was not the problem! Motivation was not the problem! Desire was not the problem! No!

What was the problem? NOBODY TAUGHT THEM “HOW!”

The schools didn’t teach the students “HOW” to study, but only WHAT to study!! The employers didn’t teach employees “HOW” to do their new jobs, but only WHAT their job was! Everyone just ASSUMED the students and employees knew –  and “everyone” ASSUMES people know how to be successful. BUT THAT ISN”T TRUE!

Smart people fail school! Talented people get fired!

Don’t let this happen to you.

Most people haven’t been as successful as they want to be….simply because they don’t know how to BE successful… 

…because nobody has taught them how!

But EVERYONE will offer to teach you WHY you should be successful…

And EVERYONE will tell you WHAT you need to do to be successful…

But who takes the time to show you HOW to be successful and what TO DO when you’re stuck?

I do. And I’ve been doing it for almost 40 years!

It doesn’t matter WHAT program you’ve attended in the past — sales success, real estate, self-help, MLM, relationship building or WHATEVER!  You can FINALLY learn how to break through your OWN procrastination and personal obstacles to stop your self-sabotage and learn how make plans and dreams come true. How much time and money have you spent? How many hours have you wasted? How many promises have you broken to yourself and your family? YOU CAN STOP THIS NOW! This year can be different. YOU can be different. NOW is the time to finally put into practice all those lessons you’ve learned and get your money’s worth of all you spent. I won’t try to replace your past programs; I’ll show you HOW to use those programs and move forward to use what you’ve learned.

Here’s what I don’t do:

I don’t replace all the previous programs you’ve studied;

I don’t give you impossible goals;

I don’t require you to change or become somebody new;

I don’t flood you with hours of new DVDs, manuals and CDs;

I don’t overwhelm you and

I don’t frustrate you and leave you feeling defeated before you even have a chance to succeed.

Here’s what WE will do together:

. We work together as a co-operative team;

. We start from wherever you are right now, with no pre-conditions;

. We focus on just FOUR TASKS:

1. We determine your personal goals;

2. We identify any personal obstacles;

3. We create a personal action plan;

4. We move forward, not backward.

We do this by using Behavioral Transformatics®

We’ll work together, drawing upon my knowledge of Positive Psychology and the principles of Cognitive-Behavioral neuroscience, plus…

I provide you with the best available coaching, based upon Behavioral Transformatics®, my proprietary psycho-educational coaching method that builds upon your existing strengths.

Behavioral Transformatics® doesn’t focus on “fixing” weaknesses, but rather focuses upon BUILDING STRENGTHS.



…let me help you succeed by showing you how to become aware of, and how to productively build on, what you already know, what you already do and how you already behave and help you move forward!

I’m Dr. A., and I’m looking forward to helping you overcome obstacles plus exceed expectations.

Join me NOW, won’t you?


How would you like to start?


Silver Status Membership:

  • For individuals over 18, either acting on their own behalf or for children under 18 whose parents or legal guardians apply on their behalf (conditions apply)
  • Comprehensive Self-diagnostic evaluation utilizing proprietary checklists, questionnaires and personal interview by Skype or FaceTime technology with Dr A. personally, not a staff member.
  • Professional review and analysis by Dr. A personally, not a team member, of all previous performance reviews, critiques or evaluations you submit.
  • One review meeting by face time, skype or similar service (your choice) with Dr A personally, not a team member, presenting the results of the review and self-assessments, including recommendations for further action.
  • Cooperative Development of Action plan with Dr A personally, not a team member, based upon the assessment and evaluation.


Silver Membership: $2000 (Action Plan included) or $1500 (without Action Plan) 

Gold Status Membership:

  • For small businesses, individuals over 18 acting on their own behalf or for children under 18 whose parents or legal guardians apply on their behalf (conditions apply)
  • Weekly emails from The Memo, our psychology NL in a short, easy to read email format with helpful tips and information not commonly available to the non-professional public.
  • 18 regularly scheduled 60 minute 1:1 meetings with Dr A personally, not a team member, via face time, skype or similar service (your choice) to continuously monitor and recommend additional actions and modifications to the Action plan.
  • Up to a dozen emails/text/IM (your choice) per month for Q&A with Dr A, not a team member
  • Up to a dozen phone calls per month for Q&A with Dr A, not a team member
  • Unused services roll-over to the next month if enrolled for multiple consecutive months.


Gold Membership: $10,000 for THREE Months.

Platinum Status Membership:

  • Only available to high achieving individuals and organizations who must understand and manage large numbers of individuals or shape o[policies affecting many individuals, such as C- Level executives or policy makers, very successful entrepreneurs, or corporations seeking to develop, train and supervise a corps of employees.
  • Individualized services with virtually unlimited access to Dr A personally, not a team member, tailored to the needs of the particular person, family or organization.


Platinum Membership starts at $7500 per month for individuals/$10,000 per month for organizations. 

Concierge Status Membership:

  • May be purchased by individuals over 18 acting on their own behalf. Not available to children or families.
  • Weekly emails of The Memo, our psychology NL in a short, easy to read email format with helpful tips and information not commonly available to the non-professional public.
  • Up to a dozen emails/text/IM (your choice) per month for Q&A, response by Dr A or team member
  • Ten 15 minute phone calls/check-ins per month with Dr A  personally, not a team member, for advice or consultation.
  • 1 scheduled 60 minute introductory 1:1 meeting with Dr A personally, not a team member, via face time or Skype to assess the needs for advice or consultation going forward.


Concierge Membership: $3000 per month (with Silver Status included) or $1000 (without Silver Status). Services do not roll over.

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So…..ARE you finally ready to be successful?

If not now, WHEN?

I’m ready when you are.

Michael Abruzzese, Ph.D., HSP is trained as a clinical, child and school psychologist. He has testified over 250 times as an expert witness and taught at major universities and medical schools. He is an Intentional trainer, radio commentator, author, educator and speaker with a clinical practice on Cape Cod. Services offered are for psycho-educational coaching featuring Behavioral Transformatics®, not clinical or medical services.