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Welcome to Entertainment Business Technology

Booking Software

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Avail Network

Reduce Your Stress, Risk, and Anxiety

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep up with every new trend or change in the technology world?  Now you don’t have to, at AvailX we do that for you.

From software to websites we provide technology solutions that fit you and your company perfectly, and that will reduce your stress, risk, and anxiety on every technological subject. Designed to work for your business our software and websites are customized for your needs.

Look at just a few of Book its features.

  • Contracts
    — when contract goes out
    — when contract comes back
    — monies due
    — if contracts are re-issued
  • Venues / Liaisons
  • Artist Itineraries
  • Custom Contracts
  • Venue Schedules
  • Emails out contracts, reports, and itineraries
  • Global Names (Contacts) table with extended information in-take page.
  • Keeps track of Agencies, Managers, Organizations, Promoters, and Producers.
  • All monetary transactions for a contract.
  • Keeps track of forecasted earnings.
  • Agent Commissions
  • When dates are booked, paid, played.
  • Keeps track of deposit dues.
  • Can print Late Notices
  • Can print contract Cover Letters, Offer Forms, Advance Sheets and any other customized document.
  • Package/Tour Features
  • External Artist Functions
  • Production/Settlement Sheets
  • Keeps track of Projects, Things to Do, and Phone Messages.
  • Intake Pages (offer sheets)
  • Customizable Fields
  • Budget tracking
  • Keeps track of all travel arrangements.

Innovation & Ideas

EBT offers a wealth of services

1. Book-It

2. PEMS Worksheet

3. Avail Network Products

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