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20 Quick Tips Of a Responsive Landing Page

20 Quick Tips Of a Responsive Landing Page

20 Quick Tips Of a Responsive Landing Page

Responsive Landing Page Best Practices

The first rule of Responsive Landing Page best practices is this: they are a starting point to help you construct your best first attempt at a Responsive landing page. After that, you need to experiment and let the customers decide what they think is the best-converting page for the job.

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With that caveat out of the way, here are some quick general rules of thumb you can apply to your landing pages:

20 Quick Responsive Landing Page Tips

  1. Ensure the primary headline of your responsive landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there.
  2. Make your call to action (CTA) big and position it above the fold.
  3. Use directional cues to direct attention to your CTA (arrows or photos/videos of people looking or pointing at your button).
  4. For lead gen forms where the CTA is below the fold (e.g. due to a long form) – make the directional cue point down the page to the button.
  5. A responsive landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message.
  6. Congruence: every element of your page should be aligned conceptually with the topic and goal of the page.
  7. Show your product/service being used in context.
  8. Use video. It’s been shown to improve conversion by up to 80%.
  9. Edit to remove unnecessary content. Be succinct.
  10. Use real testimonials for authenticity.
  11. Show social proof via indicators of your social status.
  12. Test new ideas using A/B testing. Let your customers decide which message works best for them.
  13. Provide a free trial. Try-before-you-buy is a standard and expected feature.
  14. Provide a guarantee to reduce/remove risk.
  15. Include partner co-branding to increase trust by association.
  16. Simplify your copy using bullets.
  17. If you are selling a book, or giving away an eBook via lead gen, provide a preview to increase trust show that you are proud of your product.
  18. Segment by traffic source. Send your PPC, email, social media, organic and banner traffic to separate landing pages for better message match and measurability (which channel performs best)
    Segment by user type: don’t send offers about men’s health products to the ladies on your email list.
  19. Show your phone number so people know you are real and can interact with you on a personal level.
  20. Finally, don’t send traffic to your homepage. Use a responsive landing page!

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