13 Great Ways To Make Money On Fiverr

13 Great Ways To Make Money On Fiverr make money online, make money on fiverr, Fiverr, advertising campaign, fiverr offers

Fiverr.com has now become the premier source of micro outsourced services on the Internet. Thanks to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, it is increasingly very hard to find someone who haven’t at least heard of Fiverr. Not surprisingly, more and more businesses, both online and offline, are using the services offered on Fiverr for their businesses.

13 Great Ways To Make Money On Fiverr make money online, make money on fiverr, Fiverr, advertising campaign, make money from home, fiverr offers,


As Fiverr’s ability to draw clients continues to explode, the good news is that there is more and more demand for whatever services you offer to the global market for digital services. Here are just TEN ways you can make some extra and good money on Fiverr.com. Sure, it may seem you aren’t getting paid much but if you are able to knock out these services in a very short period of time, and stack them with extras valuables, your income from Fiverr might translate to become quite a hefty stash of cash.


List Of Services You Can Offer On Fiverr


Offer Social Media Services

It is not surprising to know that a huge chunk of services offered on Fiverr involve Twitter posts, Facebook promotions, or Google Plus promotions. People are desperate to get traffic to their websites and they don’t mind paying $5 to drive traffic to their web pages. You should give it a try.

Make a Video Testimonial

If you look presentable and can speak professionally in front of a camera, you should offer video testimonials. This type of gig is constantly one of Fiverr’s top sellers. Really true.

 Write Quickly and Get Paid

If you are able to write very quickly, I mean, you are able to write fast, you can get paid handsomely.  Seriously, If you are able to knock out 400 words in 12 minutes or less, you can rack up a base rate of $25 per hour. Not too shabby. The key is to write high quality materials so your buyers will keep coming back for more.


Get paid to use Google for a research project. As long as you make sure that your research is tightly focused, you should be able to do research in a very short period of time.

Use Marketing Software to Get Paid

There are all sorts of traffic generation software that you can use for a few minutes to promote clients’ sites. If the software doesn’t take much work to set up, you can make $5 or more for as little as a minute. That leads to a gross rate of $300 an hour.

Create Digital Drawings

If you know how to use automated photo-based drawing tools, you can create digital drawings in no time flat. People are always looking for custom graphics based on their pictures.

Alter Pictures

If you know how to clear the background off a picture using Photoshop, you can make some serious coin through Fiverr. People are always looking to get the background cropped off  their pictures or resize image so they can use those pictures online.

Design Business Cards

Companies are always in need of business cards and there is no shortage of demand for people with fairly basic graphics skills who can design business cards. This is a grate field, if you are really good at designing.

Design Flyers

As the online entrepreneurship boom continues to grow, the needs for graphic design has increased exponentially. You always get sales, if you are good at it.

Write a Review

If you are a fast and a good writer and can knock out a 400 word review in less than 12 or 20 minutes, this can be a great gig to offer. People are always in need of reviews since consumers often buy products or services after reading a review.

Use Software to Produce SEO Diagnostic Results

There are tons of software that diagnose how healthy a site is in terms of SEO. You can buy such a piece of software and offer to do custom diagnoses on Fiverr. Since these software packages don’t take too long to operate, you can make quite a bit of cash.

Use Software to Find SEO Keywords

The same analysis for SEO diagnosis above applies to SEO keywords. The big difference is you’re producing a report composed of keywords. There is a huge demand for this service on fiverr.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Depending on the country you live in, you can probably make a decent living selling an hour or two of your time doing virtual assistant work for clients you find on Fiverr.

Regardless of your skill level, there something you can offer the global market for outsourced services.

Get started on Fiverr today and start turning your spare time into spare cash.

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